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Noah H. Belew

In Memoriam
August 11, 1926 - April 5, 2019

Noah was born in the village of Barnesville, Lawrence County, Tennessee in 1926. His parents were George and Rettie Belew. He was the fifth of six children born to his parents - four males and two females. Noah is the last living of the Tennessee Belew family.

Noah's parents were farmers. They owned a rocky-hilly farm of about 75 acres adjacent to Saw Creek in Barnesville. Their farm's working tools were mules, plows, wagons, hoes, etc. This was before tractors, and even if tractors were available, they could not have been used on the hills where they farmed.

Noah has come a long way since the days when he lived on the rocky farmland. Today he cruises the Florida Gulf Coast, steering his shiny 21st Century Lincoln TownCar during the week and his Mercedes-Benz on weekends instead of a plow, but he continues to be as young-at-heart..

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